The Afro-People Experience Card

(APEX CARD)offers discounts to all its users in businesses, services and tourism

The Afro-People Experience Card (APEX CARD) is an experience card that offers discounts to all its users in businesses, services and tourism. While bringing awareness to afro people to the importance of the Collective Performance by investing a great part of its profit in Projects within the Black Community for the community.  

Aimed to increase the flow of customers, give greater visibility to business partners (Clinics, Restaurants, Stores, Hairdressers, etc.,) and retain current and future customers of these businesses, while giving these businesses free national and international advertising, APEX CARD is also a card that aims to invest most of the money generated from Afro People Card Memberships and work together with Afro People businesses and organisations in and outside Africa in the effort to sensitize the Afro People that in order to bring SOCIAL JUSTICE in and outside Africa its important to understand that, the so desirable social justice can only be achievable by going from individual performance to COLLECTIVE PERFORMANCE not only in manifestos, but in the Afro People  joint effort of working together by investing in their own jobs, their own lawyers office, local authorities, etc., and with these, other communities would think twice before committing any injustice against Afro People.

These thematic experiences aim to work in partnership with tourism agencies, event organsers and community  organisations to promote Afro People culture through thematic packages build for anyone who wants to visit these countries and to universities, City Councils, Local Schools and Social Services that directly or indirectly work with a number of Afro People in the Diaspora. With these thematic packages APEX CARD in partnership with Afro People Museums, Theaters, Traditional Restaurants, Cultural Historians, Musicians and Exhibitions, aims to offer an unforgettable experience of the Afro People History and Culture, answering the current questions of social injustice in regards to the education of black history in the diaspora, while sweeten the desire of these professionals, teachers and students to have more of these experiences in the APEX Countries in Africa, while having an enrichment and knowledge of what’s Africa beauty landscapes , history and culture is all about.

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