We ask you to grant some type of privilege (discounts / benefits) to cardholders, becoming a partner. To conclude, we would like to formalize the counterparts that we can offer you, considering that this partnership that we now request from you, becomes an effective investment for your company:

  1. Disclosure of your company's services or products on the APEX website.

  2. The name of the company with the services / products, will also appear on the update lists, which we will send monthly to APEX Members, remembering you as an important part in the lives of these people.

  3. Increased visibility of your brand in the market - APEX cardholders receive quarterly Newsletters with information from current and new APEX partners, so every 3 months your brand will be remembered and seen by an APEX member.

  4. Organised national and international dissemination of your brand in the market - The APEX team aims to develop videos and digital images, as well as billboards with the logos / brands of the APEX card partners, with the aim of having their advertising products passing through Airports, flights, hotels, health clinics and any other business partners.

  5. Loyalty of current customers - By establishing a partnership with the APEX card, customers, members and employees of our partners will be able to enjoy a national and international range of APEX discounts and benefits.

  6. Attracting new customers - The advantages of being a customer of a business or service that offers a wide range of discounts and APEX advantages will facilitate the decision in choosing the service, product or business for the potential customer.

  7. Selling your national and international product in an organised way - Your product, business or service will be sold in the form of a tourist package in the Diaspora and in your country in the form of a discount and advantage card in Travel Agencies, APEX Partner Bank and in all partners who see the APEX Card as an opportunity to offer their employees a loyalty card with discounts and advantages in travel, restaurants and hotels in public and private services as well as health clinics, hospitals etc.

In order to expand the product offer, the APEX team's main objective is to attract international APEX Representatives and District Representatives to develop partnerships with discount offers and to manage the product's operation. Currently developing partnerships with São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde, Portugal and Luxembourg.


We are a team of qualified Africans and Afro descendants and operated business. Therefore, and remaining open to other forms of retribution on our part that can better adjust to the needs of your company, we are certain that we will be able to support each other.

Thanking you in advance for investing in the African Communities.