General Membership Conditions


PEX Card (Afro-People Experience) referred to here, is a personalized card that allows its users to have immediate discounts at all participating providers on the APSC website ( The discounts and participating establishments/services can be found on the website: and on the websites of APEX representatives.


  • All individuals over 16 years of age can subscribe to this card. Your subscription is valid for at least 12 months, and you can only cancel your card after completing 12 months, it is valid from the date of signing the card.

  • You can pay your annual fee twice with two monthly payments of six (6) in six (6) months, four times with monthly payments of three (3) in three (3) months, or 12 times with a monthly fee for 1 year.

  • Corporations, organizations, companies, or legal persons in general, will not be able to subscribe to the referred card. The affiliate/member to sign up for the APEX Card simply fill out the form and make the payment through the website or partner sites.

  • The use of the card assumes the prior knowledge and express acceptance of the card user regarding these general conditions.

  • The Representative reserves the right to admit or refuse any subscription without having to plead, for this purpose, any grounds, if the registration is not complete, illegible, and/or with inaccuracies and errors.

  • Telephone membership will not be valid.

  • The information provided in the application for membership and the respective uses will be included confidentially in the Representative's associate files, expressly authorizing the automated processing of the respective information, as well as the sending (personal or participant) of commercial and advertising information from the companies associated with the related APEX card for Representative card business partners.

  • The subscriber has the right to cancel the APEX card and/or rectify the personal information provided at the time of subscription, in case that information is incorrect or is incomplete, except for data such as name, date of birth, and tax number.

  • All members will have a single card in their name and with their citizen card number.

  • The APEX Card is valid only on the presentation of the Citizen Card, which is personal and non-transferable.

  • The Representative will not be responsible in case of deterioration, loss or theft of the card, and the participant must immediately report the incident through the website.

  • The Representative's APEX card may be subject to change, which will be subject to prior notice to members.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the members of any legal or fiscal liability resulting from the use of the card, in accordance with these general conditions of use.

  • The APEX Card is valid for one year from the date of membership.

  • Renewal is possible after the annuity is repaid.

  • The abuse or fraudulent use of the card will result in the immediate exclusion of the member.

  • Any member may terminate his subscription by notifying the Representative in writing to that effect.

  • From the date of receipt of the notification, the member will no longer receive any correspondence regarding this card.

  • If, for any reason when presenting the APEX card in any of the participating partners of the representative sites / it presents an anomaly in the design of the privileges, this must be immediately communicated via email: with the due explanation of what happened.

  • The advantages of the APEX Card cannot be combined with those of any other program or card, whenever it is not authorized by the participating establishment.

  • The Representative will, at each moment, communicate the rates and items that grant the right to discounts or other privileges, as well as possible special promotions, benefits, or other advantages of the APEX card

Adhering member information

  • The APEX CARD Representative will make available to members of the APEX card, on a regular basis, information on promotions, or other new benefits of the APEX Card, through or partner sites.

  • The Representative will consider the address given by the member on the date of accession to be valid.

Aspectos gerais do programa

  • APEX Card of the Representative at Diaspora Afro-Portuguesa is not a means of payment.

  • The Representative is not responsible for the impossibility of developing the program related to the card, due to force majeure and/or legal requirements. These conditions will be governed by the law of the governing country. Participation in the APEX card implies knowledge and acceptance of the general conditions of use of the card-present here. In the event of a dispute or dispute regarding the interpretation, application, or integration of these terms and conditions of use, the parties shall endeavor, by all means of dialogue and modes of the composition of interests, to obtain a solution to the problem. When an amicable solution is not possible and negotiated, as provided above, either party may, at any time, resort to arbitration, in the subsequent terms.

  • These terms and conditions of use are available to any member of the Representative's APEX card on the Representative's website and will be mailed to the adhering member with the respective personalized card. However, the conditions of use of the APEX card may be updated, so the prevailing document is always the one available on the Representative's website, which can be consulted at any time.

  • The use of the card assumes knowledge and acceptance of this standard. The user of the card gives his consent to receive commercial communications and / or product campaigns and to process his data in order to adapt the offers and campaigns to his personal profile, however, guaranteeing, in any case, his right have knowledge of the Representative's APEX card criteria used.

  • The member who subscribes to the APEX card and card user expressly authorizes the Representative to send messages to the mobile phone number and to the e-mail, which appears in the application for membership in order to facilitate the commercial information of participating stores and partners.