Cape Verde 2018
Capital City Praia
Osvaldo Gomes EXPERIENCE
Angola 2012 and Cape Verde in 2018

The passion for his roots and culture made this Afro-Portuguese Descendant entrepreneur residing in the United Kingdom set off on a touristic experience in African Portuguese-speaking countries (Angola and Cape Verde). Osvaldo Gomes expectations was high due to the vast knowledge of his culture and his people. When experiencing these experiences he was surprised to surpass his expectations that he decided to tell and share to the world the so beautiful and wonderful that all these countries, cultures and peoples are. Beautiful stories, landscapes, cultural events, dances and music spread to any tourist, the joy and desire to also dance were remarkable. A caring people in catering, hospitality and even in their own homes, unique and unforgettable experiences. The Portuguese presence in the towns and villages he passed through was remarkable, it's gastronomy reminded him immensely of the quality of Portuguese Gastronomy with unforgettable flavours  From going to the beaches, walking in the villages to shopping at the market He was surprised every day with the joy and sympathy of a people so special and beautiful in their so mixed features, it really was remarkable not only in the language but in the skin and face the presence of European ancestors.

APEX CARD (Sample)

Gravana Festival in Sao Tome

Osvaldo Gomes after these unforgettable experiences he decided to share with others and added to his APEX Card, Afro People Experiences aiming to promote Afro People culture with thematic packages developed to serve anyone anywhere in the world and universities, community organisations, and beyond, such local social services, councils and schools in the Diaspora that directly or indirectly work with a number of Afro People in these hosted countries.

With these thematic experiences APEX CARD in partnership with Restaurants, Historians, Theatres,  Musicians and Afro People Events and exhibitions aiming to lead these professionals, teachers and students in the Diaspora on a trip to any Afro Culture Experience without having to travel abroad, sweeten these professionals, teachers, students the desire to visit Afro People countries by having an Afro People Experience tour in any APEX Country in Africa or in the Diaspora.

APEX CARD EXPERIENCE  aims to connect flights with Hotel and transfers with local community events and businesses in Africa and in the Diaspora.


Mozambique Experience

Visit to Afro People Projects in
Cape Verde 2018