The APEX CARD team


APEX CARD was created by people who have been working with the afro community not only in the UK, but Brazil and Portugal. Through the many years of experiences of working with the afro descendants and Africans in the diaspora,  APEX CARD team knows for a fact that due to the nonexistence structures that make an African leader/teacher/entrepreneurs to have a good understanding of the persistent changes within the different afro people relations according to the country of his origin, and their historical-social structure over time have left us without fundamental market research tools.  So, for this reason APEX CARD Team saw the need to build our own tools and make new ways to arrive at our main aim that is social economic equity. 


APEX CARD  team  believes that the global economic-system is where we have more inequality, and through our card we aim to eradicate this by offering a card with discounts and experiences that connects African businesses, organisations and communities globally.  


An afro Portuguese and an afro Caribbean have different social structures such as an African from Nigeria compared to an Ethiopian.  When working for an African organisation or a business it is important to have in mind that Africa is a continent and not a country and despite the similarities in colour different cultures have different social trends, and through the development of afro people experiences, APEX CARD aims to address these. 

We'd like to work alongside businesses and organisations in and outside Africa in the effort to bring SOCIAL JUSTICE to our Afro communities. This is only  achievable by going from individual performance to COLLECTIVE PERFORMANCE, working together by investing in ourselves. Through our unity we can only become stronger and better equipped to fend off any injustice towards afro people.

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Africans are black, are from different countries and cultures in Africa and in the Diaspora. An African is also a white individual born in the diaspora, who is an afro descendent.

An African is anyone who is African descendent. 



Our mission is to sensitize the Afro Communities and any other community to the importance of togetherness aiming to conquer equality by CONNECTING COMMUNITIES with a discount APEX CARD. The aim is to connect Afro communities, organizations, and businesses such as restaurant owners, event organizers, art exhibitors, and art performances, in the delivery of unforgettable Afro people culture experiences.


Imagine an Afro child during the first 10 years of their life where the stories he/she hears are about Caucasian's that always play the leading character or one of the major characters in a play, film, novel, or cartoons, and the same happens with any literature the child may read. Where stories like Cinderella and Snow White demonstrates that to be white means beauty and intelligence, and this consequently leaves in their minds a feeling of social rejection.

A good example of this is the story of the Ugly Duckling, where the one among the four Ducks that is referred to as ugly is the black duck out of the other three yellow Ducks. The Black Duck was the one who was humiliated, rejected, and neglected, and consequently, he wasn't able to develop his own social life. It was just when he became a white Swan that he was recognized as beautiful and socially acceptable. This is a very old story that has been installed in Afro Children's minds from generation to generation, where many of our children do reject their own skin colour, or switch to defence mode so they can "protect themselves" from a world of white privilege. 

Sadly only a few children in our communities had the opportunity of hearing stories where black people are the leading character or one of the major characters in a play, movie, cartoon, etc. Chinua Achebe a Nigerian writer said that in order to change the Afro People's mindset it is important that we have a balance of stories so our future generations will be able to live in an equal society.

APEX CARD aims to work in partnership with African storytellers, writers, and African organizations to develop a program that promotes and showcases our stories, films, and cartoons where the Afro People play the main characters. And where through an Afro People Experiences that any other community, school, or business can acquire these experiences.