If you want to change the narrative, start by changing your mind set.

Our aim is to bring awareness to afro people of the importance of Collective Performance by investing in projects focussed on the development of community engagement and participation within the Afro community - for the community.  

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Our thematic APEX packages aim to work in partnership with and not limited to: the hospitality industry, tourism, event organisers and community  organisations more info....

The Afro People Experience Card (APEX CARD) is an experience card that offers discounts to all of its users in businesses such as hospitality, customer service, and tourism. All of which focuses on people of African descent. We aim to bring awareness to the various Afro communities,
the importance of Collective Performance. If we work together we become bigger, better and stronger. With the Afro community’s joint effort of working together by investing in our own jobs, such as our own law firms, local authorities, schools, etc. with this foundation, other communities would think twice before committing any injustice against us. APEX also gives back by investing its profits into projects within the Afro
Community - for the community. Examples of this can be found on the website; www.africanpsc.com

We'd like to work alongside businesses and organisations in and outside Africa in the effort to bring SOCIAL JUSTICE to our Afro communities. This is only  achievable by going from individual performance to COLLECTIVE PERFORMANCE, working together by investing in ourselves. Through our unity we can only become stronger and better equiped to fend off any injustice towards afro people.

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One of the things that can be triggered with afro people, is the defence mode - the feeling of having to do twice as much as other people to be accepted and to prove your knowledge and intelligence. Or to not show signs of weakness, this can lead to the formation of gangs and also lead to  attention on individual performance resulting in the development of selfishness and an egocentric attitude, lacking collective performance, which all contributes to social issues. This can also trigger the feeling of rejection - The lack of opportunities, the negative connotations linked to being of African heritage. We can respond to this with business ideas focussed on afro community development projects aimed to change afro people's mind set from Individual performance to collective performance.

We have lost many lives in our Afro Communities, we have felt and are still feeling many racial injustices, it may look as though we haven't moved forward to bring about our so desired social justice. But yes, we have been gathering in conference rooms and connecting with afro people in the diaspora community groups to understand what can be done in a diplomatic way. We can work together with other communities to ensure that racial injustices will be eradicated and the scars from the many years of slavery and suppression can be  left behind. Together we can build our nations after COVID-19 and start rebuilding a broken afro global community.

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The APEX Team believe an individual identity should be described through where he is from, and not through the colour of his skin. We are Afro Communities and not Black Communities, in order to change the narrative we need to BECOME THE NARRATIVE be an African/African descent and not a black person. 


For APEX, Afro People Lives Matters = Afro Portuguese , Afro French,
Afro Caribbean, Afro American, Afro Spanish, Afro Descendants, and Caucasians lives matter. All lives matter.


What do we mean by "CHANGE THE NARRATIVE"?

Due to the many years of suppression and oppression has left the Afro Communities without social structures and the process from slavery to emancipation left afro Communities without tools to build those social structure needed to get the communities up and running. This has a big effect on afro communities globally. The impact of these matters have an effect on the following community behaviours:

Afro parents have been educating their kids to protect themselves against a world that is not prepared to host an individual that does not fit the following criteria:


  • The right skin completion 

  • The right Hair

  • The right image

The result is, these Afro youths have been in defence mode which has a negative impact on the Afro Communities social image, where crime and gangs are constantly associated with Afro communities globally. The desire to do better can result in thinking life is a competition and anyone is a potential competitor, with this resulting in Afro People demonstrating great social tools in individual performance and lacking on collective performance.

APEX CARD was created by an Afro-descendant, Social Scientist, APSC CEO and APEX Card CEO Osvaldo Gomes. Osvaldo has been in many Afro Communities in three continents (Europe, America and Africa). He has been passionate about the challenges of understanding "What social factors have been preventing the Afro Communities Globally to have a fair treatment among other communities?" After many experiences with Afro People, he strongly believes that they seem to have the same behaviour in all of the continents and countries he's lived in and visited. 

APEX CARD has a team of well-qualified professionals dedicated to the delivery of a Discount Card with Afro People Experiences. This is for anyone in the community, business organisations, the council or any government body who wants to support and help build community bridges. 

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Having experienced slavery and injustice for many years Afro People have been retaliating by asking and protesting for equality and social justice, these methods used to eradicate racism and racial discrimination doesn't show any signs of ending and that something else must be done. We need to "change the narrative" and then the need to change the narrative became a common phrase used in many African leaders and organisation's speeches.


Being of African descent is often associated with minority, lack of intelligence,  slavery, gangs and crime. Because of these things many Afro people think that in order to change the narrative  (the negative image perception based on the colour of one's skin) they have to educate the next generation and other communities that being black is also being intelligent positive, powerful and beautiful.  This mindset has been sending mixed messages in some continents. For example, in Africa many Africans do strongly believe that dependant on the colour of your skin, can give you a better quality of life, the lighter skin you have, the more job opportunities and doors are opened to you. In Angola, they often refer to a person who's doing great in life to "Vidas Mulatas" meaning "Mix Race Life". Many Black Americans, Afro Portuguese, Brazilians and Black British born who are raised in these countries do not see themselves as African descendants, but as black Americans, Portuguese, Brazilian, Afro Caribbean etc. which raises many questions on Afro People's identity.

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Our mission is to sensitize the Afro Communities and any other community to the importance of togetherness aiming to conquer equality by CONNECTING COMMUNITIES with a discount APEX CARD. The aim is to connect Afro communities, organizations, and businesses such as restaurant owners, event organizers, art exhibitors, and art performances, in the delivery of unforgettable Afro people culture experiences.


Imagine an Afro child during the first 10 years of their life where the stories he/she hears are about caucasian's that always play the leading character or one of the major characters in a play, film, novel, or cartoons, and the same happens with any literature the child may read. Where stories like Cinderella and Snow White demonstrates that to be white means beauty and intelligence, and this consequently leaves in their minds a feeling of social rejection.

A good example of this is the story of the Ugly Duckling, where the one among the four Ducks that is referred to as ugly is the black duck out of the other three yellow Ducks. The Black Duck was the one who was humiliated, rejected, and neglected, and consequently, he wasn't able to develop his own social life. It was just when he became a white Swan that he was recognized as beautiful and socially acceptable. This is a very old story that has been instilled in Afro Children's minds from generation to generation, where many of our children do reject their own skin color, or switch to defense mode so they can "protect themselves" from a world of white privilege. 

Sadly only a few children in our communities had the opportunity of hearing stories where black people are the leading character or one of the major characters in a play, movie, cartoon, etc. Chinua Achebe a Nigerian writer said that in order to change the Afro People's mindset it is important that we have a balance of stories so our future generations will be able to live in an equal society.

APEX CARD aims to work in partnership with African storytellers, writers, and African organizations to develop a program that promotes and showcases our stories, films, and cartoons where the Afro People play the main characters. And where through an Afro People Experiences that any other community, school, or business can acquire these experiences.